Tailor-made inspiration at the Rijk Zwaan Retail Center

Knowledge and experience

In recent years, Rijk Zwaan has gained substantial knowledge and experience about the fresh produce departments at retailers, and the success and failures of product introductions or consumer acceptance. This forms the basis for the Rijk Zwaan Retail Center.


Grocery chains can use the fresh produce category to set themselves apart. Visit the Retail Center to gain inspiration from the extensive product range, various on-shelf product displays, inspiring demos, workshops and meetings.

Customised research

We offer you, a member of the international food retail sector, a specialised test area for research. Although it is a compact space, it offers endless possibilities. You can submit your own research questions, such as about consumer buying behaviour or on-shelf product presentation. We have also created several mock-ups of typical fresh fruit and vegetable departments from around the world.

Tailor-made programme

You can attend various tailor-made workshops and utilise opportunities for shopper/consumer studies, conducted by specialised researchers:

  • Test shopping; Cameras or eye-tracking glasses monitor consumers’ movements as they shop.
  • Sensory research; Sensory experience and expectations related to buying behaviour
  • Love My Salad events; Inspirational sessions with consumers or bloggers related to vegetable consumption.
  • Shelf-life tests; Research into in-store spoilage in various realistic store situations under variable conditions.
  • Shelf design; Research into the ideal product layout and on-shelf presentation.
  • Creating category growth; esearch into the ideal assortment of products based on Rijk Zwaan’s specialist knowledge of key categories such as lettuce, melon, tomato, cucumber and pepper.
  • In-depth interviews; One-on-one conversations with consumers to discover their preferences.
  • Focus groups; Discussions with groups of approx. eight consumers, e.g. to test concepts.
  • Retail staff training; Transferring knowledge to fresh produce employees.