14 Apr 2015

A successful trial at Bacchus Marsh

Something for everyone

With over 150 varieties to choose from there was something for everyone on the field at the Rijk Zwaan field day at Bacchus Marsh

The success story of Salanova® continues to provide an exciting range of new and improved leaves with excellent characteristics for the salad mix segment.

Undoubtedly one of the most outstanding contributions has been in the red Salanova® types has been the red oak-leaf variety Stefano RZ offering  not only good yields, but exceptional processing characteristics,  bright red colour and fresh bouncy leaves. Stefano RZ completes the range of red leaf types alongside the red crisp variety Telex RZ, red butter Barlach RZ and red coral Polygon RZ. One new versatile red leaf type, Codex RZ created a lot of interest with its unique combination of crisp and coral attributes.
In the green Salanova® crisp types Exfiles RZ and Exponent RZ are continuing to perform with good colour and yield. “Both fill the bag well and are suitable successors for Expedition RZ” said Harry Turna, Leafy Crop Specialist. He also was impressed with the performance of  green Salanova® butter 79-150 RZ which has proved that persistent local strains of mildew can be beaten and will take over from Aquino RZ and Pascal RZ in Victoria.

Iceberg Toscanas RZ has performed consistently in the summer with good frame size, and strength against bolting and tipburn. Bernardinas RZ performs in shoulder periods with good frame size and shape, even in hotter conditions. The slow bolting and good internal fill give it a long field standing ability. New comer 45-193 RZ was one to add to the trials for 2015: very good frame size and vigour combine with good uniformity, colour and bolting tolerance meaning this variety is one to watch for spring and autumn.

Cos variety Gradara RZ  has been a great success coping well with difficult summer conditions and proving that dual purpose varieties can perform with good presentation as a whole head and excellent yield recovery for processing. Rob Philip, Sales Rep for East Victoria, commented that “Gradara’s stable-mate Lotus RZ (41-191) will be available for wide-scale trials this autumn and winter.””

The spinach trial showcased a range that covers the season well with quality in all time slots, and a strong mildew resistance portfolio. New introduction Kolibri RZ (51-710) has proven to be a good development for summer. As we head into cooler periods market standard Platypus RZ is a good option for growers wanting a combination of speed with vigour and a good colour, with Kookaburra RZ and Gazelle RZ complete the year program in the shoulder seasons.

Swiss chard variety Charlie RZ stood out again. According to Rob Philip “as a hybrid Charlie’s uniformity, vigour and speed mean that earlier cuts are possible; as a result leaf disease is less of an issue, particularly cercospora. It’s a massive benefit for growers!”

Estrema RZ demonstrated why it is the market leading savoy cabbage. According to Stephanie Knight, Sales Rep based in Werribee “its strength against disease and slow bolting mean that it has good field holding and always makes excellent head weights. Add the fact that you can grow it year round in most areas and it’s a simple solution for most growers’ savoy program.”

Cauliflowers Sentender RZ and Sententia RZ have performed well: “Sentender RZ is great for sowing now” says Stephanie Knight; “it’s a vigorous winter cauli with nice self cover and it isn’t prone to riciness. Sententia RZ performs best as a spring variety with good results growing from the cold winter into warm spring weather, with a dense white curd and good self cover”

RZAU Bacchus Marsh Demotrial 2015