13 Jul 2017

Apex-Brinkman PCA Conference 2017

Rijk Zwaan chose to look at how innovation can help growers of protected crops at the 2017 Apex-Brinkman PCA Conference. One example of innovation in breeding is Rijk Zwaan’s Blueleaf® range of cucumbers; varieties that help growers achieve optimal results.

What is Blueleaf®?

Blueleaf is a trait by which Rijk Zwaan distinguishes some of the cucumber varieties it has bred, and varieties in this range look healthier due to the dark blue-green colour of the crop. Blueleaf varieties help growers keep their crops healthy and extends the cropping cycle.


An extensive Blueleaf® portfolio

Rijk Zwaan has Blueleaf® varieties for most segments and seasons, selected and tested locally, these varieties will help Australian growers with the challenges presented by our tough climate.


NSW Representative Phill Ritchie, “Morris RZ has been a standout for single fruited winter crops of Lebanese cucumbers, with great quality and vigour helping growers through challenging winter conditions and out into the spring”. He continues, “Craig RZ performed well last year in the multi-fruited shoulder and summer crops, especially when conditions were dry”. Craig RZ can be tested alongside non –Blueleaf® variety Khassib RZ, a well-proven standard for summer crops.


“In continental cucumber crops, Litoral RZ again showed how well it performs through the depth of winter, with vigour, yield and good quality” commented SA Representative Steve Natsias.  “Newcomer Tantalos RZ (24-220) had excellent results in trial last year and it looks an ideal variety to try alongside Myrthos RZ”, a well-proven market standard (although not Blueleaf® variety).


A strong protected crop range

Large truss tomato Endeavour RZ is now the Australian market standard for quality. “It has trusses that present really well and fruit that are firm with a stable shape for the whole crop” says Mr Ritchie. “New large truss Prodezo RZ (72-760) is still under trial, but it has been showing some really good yields, and our new medium 6-fruit truss Tomicia RZ is creating a lot of discussion in the high flavour and quality presentation.


Mr Natsias adds, “don’t forget our eggplant Monarca RZ which continues to add value to the market, offering growers a variety for year round use that produces good yields of greenhouse quality fruit; consistently firm and large, without blemishes”.