01 Jun 2017

Apex-Brinkman PCA Conference 2017: Future Growing

Trade show, guest speakers, farm tours and networking for greenhouse, hydroponic and aquaponic commercial growers

Meet Rijk Zwaan at the PCA Conference

Rijk Zwaan is proud to join with Australia's protected cropping industry at the Apex-Brinkman PCA Conference for 2017.

With "Future Growing" as a key theme of the conference we look to the future of cropping and how innovation in breeding might help growers in years to come. 

Whilst all our relevant crops will be featured and represented at the conference and trade exhibit we make a particular focus on cucumbers this year, and how Rijk Zwaan's Blueleaf® cucumber range can benefit Australian growers.

What is Blueleaf®?

Blueleaf is a trait with which we want to distinguish some of our Rijk Zwaan cucumber varieties. Although Blueleaf is not a form of resistance, it is definitely a trait that helps growers to keep their crops healthier.  Varieties with the Blueleaf trait look healthier due to the dark-green colour of the crop. Blueleaf also extends the cultivation time.

Blueleaf® for every season

Rijk Zwaan has already developed varieties for every segment and each season, but you can be sure that more varieties with the Blueleaf trait will be introduced in the future. Blueleaf varieties can help growers achieve optimal results; especially in regions where harsh climates and disease can be a problem, thus helping form the basis of a great crop and top results for Australian growers.

Visit us to learn more about Blueleaf®

Rijk Zwaan will be at Booth 52 in the Trade Exhibit and look forward to seeing you there.