07 Sep 2020

Bringing new celery varieties to your door from EGVID 2020

This year marks the first time celery was showcased by Rijk Zwaan at EGVID with experienced growers commenting that they were particularly impressed by our celery trial crops. The trials highlighted Kelvin RZ as a reliable performer, and newcomer, Tejal RZ as a slow bolting addition to the range that is strong against black hearts and suitable for growing during the summer months. Sanjit RZ was highlighted as a new faster growing variety thanks to increased vigour for sticks, hearts and heads.

Hear what Sales Representative, Stephanie Knight has to say and watch the video about Rijk Zwaan’s new celery varieties.

The event held in Lindenow was expected to attract over 1,000 growers and industry professionals, but like many other events, EGVID 2020 was impacted by Covid-19 and social distancing restrictions, resulting in many challenges for event organisers. The traditional event structure was revised and new and innovative ways of communicating trial results were adopted.

Videos of the trials, and a series of webinars were professionally created, produced and livestreamed on Facebook to provide viewers with the best possible experience under the circumstances. While nothing can replace the experience of attending field trials in person, viewing the crops and speaking with crop specialists, the creation of webinars, videos and live streaming allowed those unable to attend to have a virtual onsite experience and the opportunity to learn more about new varieties. 

The heavens were kind with clear weather for the week and more growers than expected attending the Rijk Zwaan trials. Rijk Zwaan’s team of three account managers from Victoria, Rob Philip, Param Turna and Stephanie Knight were onsite to speak to growers who commented that the limited numbers allowed them to engage in longer, more open and in-depth discussion about the varieties and trial data.

Rijk Zwaan at EGVID 2020 - celery

Caption: (Left to Right) Tejal RZ, Kelvin RZ and Sanjit RZ

Over the coming weeks, you can expect to see updates about Rijk Zwaan’s assortments on our website and throughout our social media channels.

We thank the EGVID organising committee for all their efforts in ensuring that growers, both nationally and internationally were, and continue to be, part of the event through the online viewing of Rijk Zwaan crop varieties.

For more information on Rijk Zwaan’s new and commercially tried and tested Rijk Zwaan varieties, or to arrange a meeting with one of our experts, contact: