17 Nov 2017

Collaboration creates truss-worthy campaign

Rijk Zwaan’s social initiative Love my Salad joined forces with nutritionist Catherine Saxelby and dietitian Emma Stirling to support the new education campaign for truss tomatoes ‘Glasshouse Good’.

Driven by leading Australian truss tomato producers: Costa, Flavorite and Perfection Fresh, ‘Glasshouse Good’ aims to engage, excite and educate consumers about truss tomatoes and answer the key question, “What makes truss tomatoes so good?”

Bringing the glasshouse to consumers

The Glasshouse Good campaign supports the consumer shift to glasshouse grown tomatoes and consumers showing more interest in the stories behind the growers and the ‘paddock to plate’ journey of their food.

Unlike other fresh produce categories such as bananas, avocados and mushrooms there is no industry levy for tomatoes. Given this, Australian Truss Tomatoes was established to create a category campaign to drive overall awareness of truss tomatoes.

To bring Glasshouse Good to life, a replica glasshouse was erected in prominent locations in Sydney and Melbourne in November 2017. The events enabled consumers to see a mini glasshouse set up, speak to growers and taste samples of delicious truss tomatoes.

Sharing a common goal

In Australia, Rijk Zwaan is one of the market leaders in the glasshouse sector with many of their varieties in cherry, snacking, cocktail and large truss tomatoes grown throughout the country.

With shared goals of increasing vegetable consumption, it was natural for the campaign to seek Rijk Zwaan’s involvement. Australian Truss Tomato representative Kylie Knight said: “Last year, Rijk Zwaan supported a digital campaign (‘Vine ripened. Hand picked. Never bettered’) using the Love my Salad platform, so we wanted to continue the partnership with the common goal of increasing usage occasions and educating consumers on different ways to prepare tomatoes.”

Love my Salad

Rijk Zwaan Chain Manager and Love my Salad representative, Frances Tolson, led a salad demonstration and talked about the nutrition of tomatoes with Catherine in Sydney and with Emma in Melbourne.

“Catherine and Emma share our vision and belief in vegetables, fun and vitality every day,” Frances said. “Together we promoted the enjoyment and creativity of tomato dishes, while also encouraging consumers to incorporate more vegetables – especially fresh truss tomatoes – into their daily meals.” 

Love my Salad’s new tomato character, ‘Trusty Trev’, helped the team engage the public with practical tips to pick, store and cook with tomatoes, while sharing the health benefits of this versatile vegetable.  

The social network also leveraged its website and social media channels to spread the Glasshouse Good message. Kylie said: “Love my Salad provided valuable assistance to the campaign from allowing Australia Truss Tomatoes to promote our campaign across the Love my Salad website and social platforms to helping us activate at our live sites. Love my Salad’s support at the events allowed Australian Truss Tomatoes to provide multiple touchpoints and activities on these days.”  

A lasting partnership

The campaign generated positive reach and engagement across social media and this continues to drive online traffic to the campaign website.

“The feedback from the events was very positive and centred on the increased knowledge people went away with – from learning how the tomatoes are grown, the benefits of ‘Glasshouse Good’ and new and exciting ways to use tomatoes with our recipes,” Kylie said.

From support through Love my Salad on our category campaigns to working with Rijk Zwaan on varietal development, the partnership is very important in achieving our common goal of increasing awareness of glasshouse grown tomatoes and providing consumers with the best tasting tomatoes.”