05 May 2017

Innovation is Key to Gippsland Trials

A successful trial

With innovation at the heart of the event, Rijk Zwaan was proud to receive the Boomaroo Nurseries award for innovation and productivity for the Partner RZ app and its demo functionality. A great deal of work goes into a successful trial experience, and the app is just one facet, developed to make a visit to our trial even more productive. 

Rijk Zwaan’s international spinach specialist Wim in’t Groen was present as part of Rijk Zwaan’s commitment to continual improvement of the spinach program and to help support Rijk Zwaan Australia’s local sales team at the event. Wim was able to give a truly international perspective to a masterclass panel on the challenges of growing babyleaf spinach, and joined the EGVID host and organising committee member Andrew Bulmer on an interview for local radio.

But the real stars of the show are the varieties and the trial site showed this well, so thanks must go to the organising committee and Bulmer Farms for the care given to the trial. Every trial has its standouts, and this was no exception.

Strength in Spinach

Rijk Zwaan's spinach and chard range looked outstanding; Goanna RZ, Lorikeet RZ and 51-715 RZ all showing real promise for the Australian summer conditions with excellent yields, disease resistance packages, dark colour, and robust leaves. These fantastic new summer introductions are supported by strong shoulder season varieties such as Kookaburra RZ and Goldeneye RZ, and the full year’s sowing program is rounded out by market leading winter spinach variety Platypus RZ.  The new hybrid chard introduction 69-104 RZ follows on from the market leading Charlie RZ with an improved red colour as well as additional downy mildew and cercospora resistances (HR:Pfb IR:Cb).

Lettuce show you something else

Iceberg lettuce saw an introduction in all seasons; 45-246 has performed well in strong summer conditions with excellent strength against tip burn and bolting; 45-100 RZ looking excellent with stable performance and a large frame and head for shoulder seasons; 45-474 RZ with great vigour and disease resistances to tackle the cool seasons.

The introduction of new Knox™ Cos varieties 41-544 RZ and 41-503 RZ demonstrate extension to the Knox range and mean Knox cos can now be produced year-round in Australia. The display of lettuce harvested, washed and processed a week prior to the event showed the real strength of the Knox trait. Other varieties like Exam RZ in green leaf and Meditation RZ in burger leaf also performed admirably.

Going by how few lettuces were left in plot 1061 at the end of the trial a real favourite for visitors was baby crunchy lettuce Tendita RZ (41-655). Combining the crispness of iceberg with the sweetness of a cos, Tendita RZ is an exciting variety for both wholehead and food service applications.

Celery variety Kelvin RZ again showed why it is fast becoming a very important variety; tidy and uniform heads, clean colour and straight long sticks mean that it is ideal for wholehead,  hearts, and sticks. 

For more information on any of the varieties in the trial or the Rijk Zwaan Australia assortment please contact your local sales representative, or the office on +61 3 5348 9000 or vegieseeeds@rijkzwaan.com.au