21 Sep 2020

Rijk Zwaan’s new spinach and Swiss chard varieties

Caption: James Ingram, Beau Vickers from Bonaccord, Rob Philip from RZ, looking at spinach variety Kolibri RZ.

A highlight from the trials was the extensive range of Rijk Zwaan spinach and Swiss chard varieties. Alongside a range of our current commercial varieties for the Australian market, many new varieties with the added benefits of high yields, uniformity, mildew resistance and strength against leaf diseases were on show. Growers now have more choice available with leaf types including a wide range of both semi-savoy and smooth spinach varieties.

Rob shared the standouts from the trials “In the market today, we see two distinct requirements. Some growers are seeking a smoother leaf, while others prefer a more semi-savoyed leaf.

Consistently performing, Kolibri RZ features uniform semi-savoy leaves with a strong mildew package and can manage the heat extremely well. It also consistently performs well against soil borne disease.

Lizard RZ has been performing very well under a broad range of different environments and growing regions. The leaf is slightly rounder and very uniform, which is producing very good yields.

Rijk Zwaan at EGVID 2020

Caption: Kim Martin from Frais farm, Brad Watts and Peter Smith from Mitchell Valley Growers and Rob Philip from Rijk Zwaan alongside spinach and chard trials.

Pronghorn RZ is very uniform and features a darker colouring and an upright habit. It has a full mildew package and at maturity, Pronghorn RZ produces thick yet flexible, dark green leaves. It offers good yield potential, and less cut leaf.

Sunangel RZ has a full mildew package, semi-savoy thick leaf with good yield potential. Offering uniform leaves, it is easy to harvest.

Cormorant RZ is a flat leaf variety. It offers a nice round and smooth leaf. It features upright growing, shiny leaves, a dark leaf colour and it can manage a cooler shoulder season, providing growers with a leaf that is easily processed.

Platypus RZ has been a standard winter semi-savoy variety for a number of years. Setting a new benchmark for yield and quality, One of its attributes is its oval shape, which also reduces splitting of the leaf.

Swiss chard variety Charbell RZ is a recent addition and features better holding ability and very good uniformity on the beds. It is suited to the warmer seasons. Charlie RZ is more suited to cooler season production with its strong pink colour to its veins. The colours are enhanced even further in Charbell RZ and commercial seeds are now available for the upcoming summer season.”

Watch the video and hear what Account Manager, Rob Philip has to say about Rijk Zwaan’s new spinach and Swiss chard varieties.

Rijk Zwaan at EGVID 2020

Caption: Warrick Purdon, Brendan Flanagan From Hussey and Co, Rob Philip from Rijk Zwaan discussing winter spinach assortment with varieties Platypus RZ and Tragopan RZ.

For more information, contact your local sales representative or visit the Rijk Zwaan website at https://www.rijkzwaan.com.au/find-your-variety.

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