20 Jul 2017

Rijk Zwaan enters zucchini market with big ambitions

Rijk Zwaan has launched its first three commercial zucchini varieties. The breeding company offers a complete year round program of varieties from its program, all with outstanding fruit quality. In doing this, Rijk Zwaan aims to improve all outcomes for zucchini growers.

Extensive research

With a global reach and growing popularity, zucchini is a valuable addition to Rijk Zwaan's already broad offering of vegetable crops. In order to be relevant as a new player in the international market for zucchini, Rijk Zwaan has conducted extensive market research and offers solutions that provide benefits to the entire chain, from growers through to consumers. 

Calawinter, Calabonita, Calagreen

Rijk Zwaan’s first three varieties are cylindrical dark green types. Calawinter RZ is suitable for indoor winter production, while Calabonita RZ, thanks to its intermediate resistance to powdery mildew, can be grown indoors and outdoors in spring, summer and early autumn. Calagreen RZ will complement Calabonita RZ, offering higher vigour in the protected segment. 


Calabonita RZ will be the main focus of efforts in Australia due to its versatile nature and long cropping window.

Labour-friendly and productive

Rijk Zwaan’s top priority when breeding zucchini varieties is harvest security. These first three varieties offer good yields and a thorough package of natural resistances against diseases and pests, as will all future varieties. Additionally, with zucchini being such a labour-intensive crop, Rijk Zwaan develops varieties with fruit that can be harvested more efficiently in order to contribute to better financial performance for its customers.

Attractive shine and a long shelf life

From the grower's perspective, Rijk Zwaan wants to set itself apart with high-quality fruit that retain an attractive shine long after harvesting.

Initially the breeding team focused on the dark-green segment, however white and yellow varieties will follow in the near future, enabling Rijk Zwaan to respond to the rising international popularity of mixed pre-packs.

More information

Sufficient seeds are available of Calawinter, Calabonita and Calagreen. For more information about these varieties or about Rijk Zwaan’s zucchini activities, please contact your local Rijk Zwaan representative.