23 Sep 2019

Seeding intrigue at Little Food Festival

From a seed to a seedling and finally a tomato plant, three key players in the tomato chain bring a fun and interactive activity to the Little Food Festival with the aim of educating the next generation about where tomatoes come from.

Boomaroo Nurseries, one of Australia’s largest commercial seedling suppliers, and Flavorite, Australia's largest glasshouse fresh produce business, with support from vegetable seed breeding company, Rijk Zwaan, are hosting a ‘Plant a tomato seedling’ workshop on Thursday 26 September, 10am – 3pm, as part of the Little Food Festival

Little Food Festival is a jam-packed, two day celebration, exploring the food we eat, where it comes from, and what it means for our health. Using art and play, the Festival offers a simple and fun opportunity for little ones to consider complex food topics such as health and sustainability.

Director of Boomaroo Nurseries, Nick Jacometti, said the Little Food Festival is a fantastic initiative and Boomaroo is eager to be involved. 

"Sparking an interest in food production and healthy eating can have a tremendous long-term impact on young minds,” he said. 

Representatives from Boomaroo, Flavorite and Rijk Zwaan, along with ‘Trusty Trev’ – the life sized truss tomato – will have a small glasshouse on display with delicious glasshouse grown cherry tomatoes for the crowd to taste.

“Flavorite is all about quality fresh food. The Little Food Festival gives us an opportunity to show kids the benefits of eating healthily and how glasshouse produce is good for the environment,” Marketing Coordinator, Rruta Narula said. 

The team will also offer the crowd practical tips to pick, store and cook with tomatoes, while sharing the health benefits of this versatile vegetable.

Rijk Zwaan’s Technical Sales Representative, Param Turna, said the company is thrilled to team up with Flavorite and Boomaroo to create this unique experience. 

“Not many kids get the chance to see the lifecycle of a tomato so it’ll be great to show them what a tomato seed looks like, and encourage them to plant a seedling in a pot for them to take home and watch grow.” 

Little Food Festival runs from 25 – 26 September, 10am to 3pm in Federation Square, Melbourne, Victoria.