05 Jul 2021

VIDEO: Lockyer Valley Growers Expo 2021

Queensland Sales Representative, Maurice Schiavon, shares variety highlights from the 2021 Lockyer Valley Growers Expo.

VIDEO: For more information on these highlight varieties, visit their page on our website - Corvinas RZ, Tendita RZ, Lizard RZ, Cabezon RZ and Platypus RZ

Rijk Zwaan trials at the 2021 Lockyer Valley Growers Expo were focussed on leading the way and delivering sustainable solutions with spinach, chard and lettuce varieties on show.

Rijk Zwaan research and development teams breed for sustainability, aiming for strong varieties with better resistances, higher yields and extended shelf life, all vital in contributing to a sustainable future. A key achievement in lettuce has been with the naturally occurring and award winning Knox™ trait that delays oxidisation and reduces the browning of cut surfaces in lettuce by days. Knox™ provides a sustainable solution for lettuce growers by reducing food waste throughout the supply chain and increasing shelf life to deliver fresher premium salad leaves to consumers.

Iceberg lettuce newcomer Corvinas RZ with Knox™ has proven to be a standout in trials, particularly for harvesting in the shoulder and cooler periods. This versatile, large headed variety features a shiny green colouring, outstanding internal qualities and delivers a dual-purpose option, suitable for both the processing and fresh market sector.

At this year’s expo, a number of new exciting Salanova® varieties with the added benefit of both Knox™ were of interest to growers. Salanova® offers a ‘one cut ready’ convenient option, resulting in many baby-sized sized ‘forkable’ leaves from a single cut. This presents tremendous advantages for retailers, consumers and growers with more efficient harvesting and processing options.

In the red oak range, a promising introduction, containing both Knox™ and Salanova® is vibrant coloured, Yves RZ (‘Eve’). This robust, red nutty flavoured lettuce is suitable for mechanical harvesting and year round production in most areas. For the cooler seasons, growers may prefer Zac RZ with Knox™, a new red oak vigorous variety offering year-round production options and attractive glossy red leaves. Green and crispy with an incised leaf is Salanova® sweet variety, Excipio RZ with Knox™ suitable for harvesting year round in most areas.

A new Salanova® green oakleaf created much attention at the Expo. It features a shiny finely lobed leaf, is suitable for mechanical harvesting and has the added benefit of Knox™. Trial seeds are now available.

Spinach variety, Kolibri RZ has performed consistently in trials and features uniform semi-savoy leaves, a strong mildew package and the ability to manage heat extremely well. Newcomer, Lizard RZ provides a round, uniform leaf option and good yields, while Platypus RZ, has been a standard winter semi-savoy variety for many years and remains the market leader, setting a benchmark for both yield and quality. A key attribute is its oval shape, which also reduces leaf splitting. Other spinach varieties showcased at the 2021 Expo included Sunangel RZ. With a full mildew package, semi-savoy thick leaf and good yield potential, it also offers uniform leaves and is also easy to harvest.

Swiss Chard red vein variety Charbell RZ, has been recently introduced and offers growers high yield, a fantastic resistance package and is well suited to warmer production. In contrast, Charlie RZ is suited to cooler season production, offers high yield and features strong red veining.

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For more about any of Rijk Zwaan’s innovative varieties, contact your local sales representative or visit our website at https://www.rijkzwaan.com.au/find-your-variety.