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Fresher lettuce thanks to Knox

Introducing Knox™ – a natural trait that not only delays pinking in lettuce, extending the shelf life , and also reduces waste. Launched in 2015, we now offer a complete range of lettuce varieties with Knox, amongst others of Iceberg, Cos, Butter, Salanova and Batavia lettuce.

Harvest the benefits of Knox™

Happy consumers

As a result of Knox, lettuce looks fresher longer.

Extended shelf life

The delayed pinking on cut surfaces of lettuce, significantly reduces waste.

Mechanical harvesting

Knox ensures a clean, fresh cut when harvested by machine.

Machine harvested

Knox ensures high quality
machine harvested lettuce!

Shortage of labour forces the industry to mechanization. Knox ensures a clean, fresh cut when harvested mechanically.
Crunchy Caesar Salads

Knox™ keeps Crunchy
Caesar Salads extra fresh

In today's food industry, salads like Veggie Delight, Thai Chicken Salad, or Crunchy Caesar Salad found in fast-food chains and company canteens, rely on essential ingredients such as cos or iceberg lettuce. Award-winning innovation, Knox™, which extends the freshness of freshly cut lettuce, now offers new possibilities for the foodservice market.
Hussey & Co

New developments give us that extra edge in the market

Hussey & Co. share our passion for top quality produce and continuous innovation and have been a valued customer of Rijk Zwaan Australia for more than 15 years. With production and processing locations in Newry and Pearcedale, Victoria, and Gatton, Queensland, Hussey & Co. grow and supply premium baby leaf salad mixes all year round.
Contact us and see how Knox™ improves lettuce quality.
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Contact us and see how Knox™ improves lettuce quality.
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