Snacking vegetables

Snacking vegetables that are tasty, convenient and healthy are helping to drive increased global consumption of vegetables.

Consumer snack trends

In Australia, snacking in between meals and on the go is becoming increasingly popular, and more than 60% of households snack on vegetables at least occasionally. According to a Horticulture Innovation Australia report, fresh vegetables contribute $210M to the total snack food market per year.
Consumers expect to find snacks that are convenient, look fresh and appealing, and packed with flavour and nutrition. Small sized whole vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers are the highest volume of fresh vegetable snack foods in Australia. The more durable nature of small vegetables in their whole form is an attractive aid to their supply chain handling.

In response to the global trend of consumers looking for fresh, one-bite, tasty, crunch, sweet snacks, retailers worldwide are seeking to offer snack vegetables all year round. Our breeders are focusing on developing flavoursome varieties with good resistances that can be grown around the world using medium-tech and high-tech methods. We expect to see continued growth in this segment so we are continuously innovating and improving our product range by adding new colours, shapes and flavours.

Snacking vegetables

Fresh, bite-sized and super tasty. We create vegetable varieties that are convenient and healthy to eat on the go. Meeting consumer demand for nutritious options, we offer a diverse range of snacking vegetables - innovating and improving our product range by adding new colours, shapes and flavours. Our breeders create new varieties with more resistances and versatile growing methods so the entire supply chain can take advantage of the snack vegetable movement.


How to make vegetables more appealing

As vegetable breeding company we look for ways to make vegetables more appealing. We do so by combining our breeding expertise with sensory research and consumer research, and we also work together with chain partners. Annette Meeder, a taste researcher at Rijk Zwaan, shares four examples.