YOCARINO RZ F1 (35-1245)

Capsicum | Dulce Italiano | Sweet Palermo® | Yellow

YOCARINO RZ F1 (35-1245) product photo view-2 L
YOCARINO RZ F1 (35-1245) product photo front L
YOCARINO RZ F1 (35-1245) product photo view-2 L
YOCARINO RZ F1 (35-1245) product photo front L
YOCARINO RZ F1 (35-1245) product photo front S
YOCARINO RZ F1 (35-1245) product photo view-2 S
Logo Sweet Palermo®
  • Yellow long, sweet pointed pepper
  • Part of the high-quality Sweet Palermo® range – the tastiest peppers on the market
  • Suitable for unheated and heated greenhouse production
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YOCARINO RZ F1 (35-1245)
Introduction number
35-1245 RZ F1
Crop type
Sweet Palermo®
Resistance (HR)
Resistance (IR)
Cultivation method
Greenhouse - Heated, Greenhouse - Unheated
Crop height
6 months, 9 months, 12 months
Fruit weight
100 - 170g
Harvest colour

Yocarino RZ F1 is a long sweet pepper in the Dulce Italiano style. Yocarino RZ is a yellow-coloured capsicum in the Sweet Palermo® range. The average fruit weight is around 120g.

Sweet Palermo® is the brand name for a range of award-winning sweet pointed capsicum varieties bred by Rijk Zwaan. These sweet peppers have a recognisable twist towards their calyx, and a truly amazing taste. The whole Sweet Palermo® range is a suite of bright colours. Reds, Oranges, Yellows and chocolate-coloured peppers are a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

Yocarino produces fruit with crunchy, thin skin, few seeds and excellent shelf life. It’s great fresh, cooked, charred and roasted – it can be found in supermarkets as a premium pre-pack product, or loose.

Yocarino RZ is a vigorous, tall and open plant, with a generative habit.  It is suitable for unheated and heated greenhouse production.

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08 September 2023
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Yocarino RZ

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500 pieces
Precision seed